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'Income-producing'. The true purpose of any business-website is to find new customers, make sales, and return a living income. When it does that, then the people who are part of it can build a decent life for themselves and their families.

My role in that journey is to successfully bring in those new customers and higher sales to any business genuinely wanting to do better. That means presenting your products or services to people in ways that motivate them to walk into your store ready to buy, order from you online, or call you as soon as they can find their cellphone.

Achieving those goals doesn't have to take years of work or a barrel of money, although that's a common belief. What it does need is practical experience, life-wisdom, and lots of common sense. I've helped Sonoma county and North Bay businesses use the Web to improve their incomes for 10+ years.

The five key services that I provide are:
  • website design/development or rehabilitation using methods inspired by and adapted from nature and evolution.
  • "white-hat" search-engine optimization (SEO) tactics.
  • building high-quality links to draw in the people most likely to be looking for your products or services.
  • product-specific marketing strategies.
  • social media, with a local and North Bay focus.
A common misconception is that you need to have your own website to successfully sell to people using the Web. Not true! Many of my techniques and tactics work just fine for a business that wants to start up a web presence but without the overhead or expense of first building their own website. Once the business is seeing regular and reliable sales, they can choose to 'graduate' to a website of their own.

My services are affordable by everyday small-businesses, most of whom have limited budgets for marketing. I use both fixed and hourly rates, depending on what works best with my clients' budgets. Most important, I use a "wise steps" approach to doing website and marketing projects. Smaller steps that create more sales are done first. And your business can see the payback sooner.

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If you'd like to talk about details, numbers, or any other ideas, just call me at 800-801-1773. I'm in Sonoma county, the toll-free number is a courtesy for clients and interested people. Any time that works for you, I'm around!

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